Taurus Monthly Horoscope

October 2020

The things we must do must be observed at home, and that does not just refer to yourself or economic issues; you have to put the record straight in the case of feelings, relationships, love. We must bring back harmony to the couple. The moon shines high in the sky of September, and it is better that you attend to their advice. In the ninth month of the year, it puts the emphasis on the Ninth House: your home. What's wrong, what should we amend? You know there are issues that need improvement in the relationship: thorny issues that have been neglected in order to avoid conflict but you have to know that there are necessary struggles, the fights help replenish the lost order that shakes us back in place in the new balance. So do not deny yourself to face the arguments necessary to know and express what you have to say and that you have been silent about: infidelity, mistrust, apathy. Do not let this issue continue orbiting about you. Communication is elemental in every relationship. If you let the silence weighs on you, your weight will be burying them, and take the place of coexistence. Under the silence resentment and indifference will grow. What date is definitely better to have this conversation? On the 19th, Mercury moves toward Jupiter: a trend that empathy helps us to understand the reasons of the other, to see the world through their eyes. Take the trend and let it guide you to the steps you should be taking: talking and looking into the eyes of the person you love. There in the background is the calm you need. You will see that you do not need such a large effort.

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