Taurus Monthly Horoscope

December 2019

In love we should not ask certainties, because in the end the road is constructed on the fly, and is made of two steps, the consensus decisions. However, a foundation to walk, to know that give us the necessary for planting, and that what we give car fertile ground necessary. Do not go blindly into this time: given safe passage. The moon, sky high in you; demand you have certainties about this new installment love. Where are we going? Do we want the same way? Will the efforts of true united? Do not hesitate to ask you these questions, and tidy up the house before inhabit. Venus opposite Mercury in transit, giving you the key to knowing what you need: better communication is that it does not need words. Do not make statements and poems to fill your home with love are vital that you grant the power to start again, and find on the ground that must inhabit: the land of the heart and shared dreams. But not all of what will be at stake this month has to do with love. Pluto in your sky from 20 warns that better take every novelty in the work with caution, as someone may want dominion over your plots and your crops ... and that can cause problems towards the end of the month. Particularly economic setbacks do not trust, and occur to regain lost ground. Do not miss in quarrels or bickering. We must focus on what matters: the welfare of you and yours.

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