Taurus Monthly Horoscope

February 2024

During the second month of the year past events come to be collected. Best pay all that is pending, and stop dragging those shadows that reach from time to disrupt. End the vicious circle: in the end, as we are slaves to our fears and our routines. Fear gives us a sense: the opportunity to pretend, comfortably, are worth less than what we are, less than you can be. The moon is high in your sky this month, and it has good consequences, for you and illuminates the road in front of you removes obstacles that could not otherwise see. The biggest one: a shadow of yesterday returning to collect what he believes is his. Do not worry, Taurus: the stars know that this is an unfair debt, and there is no reason for you to pay in cash or fear. And you can be certain that it will be so: Venus moves toward Jupiter, which indicates that you will not lose any of your material, emotional or spiritual heritage. We must stand up to that coming from the past, and have the opportunity to order what you could not say. Make it clear what you felt then and how you feel now. Do not be afraid or this opportunity for everything to be put in place will be lost to you. In war, anything goes, less to lose. What is at stake is your peace of mind, so do not go through the back door: put on the table all your skills and all the strength of your heart to beat. You'll say goodbye to a part of yourself, which lived in fear of returning to the past. And move forward, Taurus.

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