Taurus Monthly Horoscope

September 2023

This month is going to be one of struggle and the allies and enemies will be confused with each other, and probably throughout the day you will not know who is on your side and who is not. You must be careful, because in times like this will make good and bad intentions will be for the bad. And Jupiter moves opposite Pluto, and it speaks of meaningless movement. Caution should be our compass in a time when good and evil face each other, and it’s not easy to know who comes and who goes. It will be a period of troubled waters and darkness, wherein the best policy will be to go against the majority, and be slow, determined, but slow. By the middle of the month, come the worst days of this period, when Jupiter moves opposite Uranus and judgment is stubborn and a common mistake. You can you feel the anger and frustration, but do not let that drag you out of yourself. We must take stock of tolerance and not burn bridges. Confusion is never good: shows the world out of its axis, and makes us feel that all motion is futile. What to do when the dust storms makes us go blind, is seeking a light, and there is nothing more powerful than what lies within us. It is not guided by what others mask reveals when it falls, it is not about finding out who is a friend and who is not, but remember that we are who we are, and nothing will make us give that up but ourselves.

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