Taurus Monthly Horoscope

November 2020

There are changes in the target, and will be changes in your work. It will produce major changes in your work life: income, place, and in specialty: total change of category to which they do not have to be anxious about. Do not be discouraged: sometimes when we go back, it is only Fate that allows for air to propel us to the next level. This is a totally evolutionary change. Grow: maybe a bit by force. This will be a shock month in economic and labor. Your efforts are at risk of not being rewarded, if you let yourself be trapped by Jupiter's influence, that knows to give you energy, but not the path you really need. The slow star likes to see what we do when we lose the compass. There is more than enough care toward the 12th: Venus enters Scorpio around the 12th, and it will put in your hands a job with which you must be careful: at first it will seem attractive, but ultimately will not be of great benefit. You have to seek support from the person you love: Saturn crosses your sky, and bless your relationships. It fills your understanding and kindness for your projects and decisions. It is the heart of the one you love who you will take the strength you need. Do not be alarmed at what may seem like a lack of opportunity in employment. As this is the beginning of a new era for you. Know that despite the misfortunes, you close the year with all your goals accomplished, and in good company.

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