Taurus Weekly Horoscope

From November 11 to November 17

Work: Its great self-esteem will cause that think the impossible thing to reach an highest quality of life, try to leave inexpedient fantasies and puts sets to work. It is moment of action. Its mood, although does not create you can be handled, or at least, be learned to do it. This day can begin some legal proceedings or businesses with friends or relatives, these transactions you will be successful since are very well aspected. However the businesses with strangers today will not be favorable, is better to delay for morning. You will have to make an effort to lower decibels of its pride. You are not YOU the owner of the truth, listens his associate companions and.

Love: You will be very moving, which will cause that his companion cannot share solo awhile with him. Due to this attitude the coexistence will be exciting, but something controverted. Indifference to locates it to the security in an uncertainty place, where only the faith in yourself and its will to surpass and to create can help yourself. To obey the requirements of all will be a difficult task even extraordinary, it is hour to put a brake to as much demand. Although it is a day of tough work, it is not necessary run out yourself to be able to fulfill all. If they surpass it to the demands it is that they abuse You control his means. The emotions will be very intense, try to handle your reactions.

Health: The evils from which you suffer will pass suddenly, Do not unlisten the advice from those who are your most beloved ones. People majors will come in your aid. She improves the spirit, if she can days of rest take. The freedom begins when account occurs that is not “the thinker”. Often you need and you must relax tension offering a rest, it you will have to delegate and not to assume the entire responsibilities. Stop loading as much other peoples weight in his unique knapsack. It is not God, it is not the one who can change to the world and protect to all. Give to yourself a breathing and will leave ahead, ignore the rest recommendations and will undergo the physical and mental consequences of this disproportion.

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