Taurus Weekly Horoscope

From December 9 to December 15

Work: The economic situation can be complicated by the end of month, would be good that it now takes precautions that are on time. Today you can obtain to the aim a place where to live and to develop to your entire being, choosing the way that dictates its intuition, where its creative power is born, and is developed in the indispensable necessity to make reality your dreams and hopes. You will not only walk in this luminous day, hopes to find company and aid in the footpath, the planets are of your side… you also you would have to take that position, is no worse boycott the one than we become same… Good moment for important purchases.

Love: Love lack of understanding, possible discussions and disagreements. Do not conflict yourself too much and appeal to your good heart, Intentions of both are good, very often it is only a matter of words. Leave for another day the resolution of this problem and will see that the waters will be tamed. You must begin to be sincere to yourself to manage in achieving the way of happiness and to be able in making it flow in your entire rewarding splendor. Use the gifts whereupon the Universe has provided to you, those special talents that you own, to develop your vocation. In meetings and celebrations with friends you will be able to know somebody extremely interesting, huge potentials of romantic union.

Health: Take advantage of this period to reaffirm your affective bonds. You will have to also consult to your sexologist, since excess of sexual activity will affect your genital organs. Like in many games, the life it sends balls to you, is in You the ability to take to you agree, not to let yourselves strike by them or, simply, to let pass them of length. The bad thing would be that outside incapable to see them… its touching health depends on this. Ask yourself its elections of life to reclaim the way of the soul and to return to the Present Earth, to be examined in your intimate boy and to reach gnosis of the true order of its pretensions in life.

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