Taurus Weekly Horoscope

From March 1 to March 7

Work: Emotively disperses and too little attention in studies or work, excellent day to leave to take a walk and relax. Innocent questionings to rescue the way of heart and to return to inhabit the Present, to explore our inner child and to reach gnosis of the real order of our desires: What eternal promise I made and I did not fulfill? remember your true desires and go forward by an own, personal way, directed by yourself and attended by the stars who help to who helps your own selves… Sincerely repeat before a mirror: “I desire to grow like a creative human being, sincere and fundamental”. At this moment you can get to make decisions hurried and mistaken as far as his finances or businesses. He is prudent. Take care of yourself of discussions in work and the house by reasons for money or purchases.

Love: You will receive support and understanding or your partner, but you will have to be accustomed to that the entire beings cannot express what you feel through pandering and affections. Native ones that are single, they will find the opportunity to know the ideal person. The entire energy of the delay and the result is put, then, in the action and the intention, always building in warm and the self-confidence of love and to the benefit of your beloved one. Honest questions to reclaim the way of the soul and to return to the Earth of the Universal Flattery, TODAY, and thus to recognize us in our inner child and to obtain of the brings back to consciousness unquestionable mandate of our desires: I can request aid to the Universe?

Health: you need more sun and clean air in your life, try to leave of side the nocturnal exits. Share more time with the minors or your family. Recover his confidence in yourself and it resorts to everything what creates necessary to obtain your spiritual growth, infinite source of power and love. It realizes in silence honest questions to recover the dominion to change and to return to the Present Earth, to secure the vision that can have lost in the way of the routine character: How I recover the hope? You must obtain the necessary attention, the mental power that it allows you to be present and wide-awake.

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