Taurus Characteristics

Taurus Characteristics Element: Earth.
Ruling planet: Venus.
Metal: Copper.
Day of the week: Friday.
Perfumes: peppermint and rose.
Color: Blue.
Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 29, 29, 37 and 56.

People governed under the sign of Taurus are practical, determined and have a strong will, these people are of a very conservative and stable nature, and are extremely loyal, reason why they will promptly and firmly follow a leader who shows sufficient trust. Those ruled by Taurus love peace and quiet and that is why they are very respectful of the norms, laws and rules of society.

Taurus respect values a lot as well as material goods, thereby avoiding debts. The Taurus while loving peace and rules, are also reluctant to change.

Taurus is much more practical than intellectual, and also usually has fixed ideas, which is why they like continuity and routine. These are generally prudent people, stable and have a great sense of justice and do not usually give up when facing difficulties but continue their way to get ahead.

Taurus at Work, Those that are governed under the Taurus sign are excellent workers and have ruthlessly nothing against any kind of work or manual labor, they are trustworthy people, very practical, methodical and ambitious, they have the ability to assume authority over others and are much more efficient in routine positions of trust and responsibility.

They are creative and enterprising people who can have success in banking professions, such as architects, builders, administrators, farmers, doctors, and industrial chemists. They also tend to enjoy education, arts and cuisine.

Taurus in Love , Taurus is very sensual but practical people therefore are trustworthy and considerate of their partner, they are good parents and are not very demanding of their partner and children. They have a great self-esteem and are somewhat possessive, however if your partner tries to make peace with them and understand them, then make an effort to put aside what they dislike.

They are people who are very romantic and loving of their home, reason for them doing everything that is in their power to maintain stability in their love nest.
The Taurus is also loyal to his friends, and prefers strong lasting relationships and connections during the early stages of his life thanks to his inexperience; the Taurus can be exploited by others who have a craving to strengthen their relationships.

Areas for improvement: they can become jealous and possessive; also tend to be sometimes too rigid and resentful. The Taurus can also become greedy and therefore, let them do everything they want to.

Do not make him angry: Taurus does not like interruptions or being hurried up, they hate the false things and they also do not like to stay at home too long.

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